We’re Well-Versed in Medical Negligence Cases

Trust our Medical Malpractice Attorney to help Resolve Your Case

Attorney Robert Corish is experienced in medical negligence cases. For any type of medical negligence case, we’ll need and will help you obtain:

  • A copy of your medical records
  • A copy of your employment records if you’ve lost time off work due to medical negligence

We’ll take the time to fully understand your situation so we can provide you with the best possible legal services.

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How else can you help your claim?

Evidence is key in any law case. Before you consult Corish, Hill & Associates, we recommend:

  • Jotting down as many details about the treatment you recieved from a health care provider
  • Talking to witnesses and recording their statements 
  • Collecting physical evidence from the scene

These are a few helpful ways we can build a strong case in your favor. Trust us to provide the legal support you need in Frederick, Maryland.

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