When You Get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property

Consult our attorney about your premises liability claim in Frederick, MD

Have you:

  • Slipped and fallen on a wet floor in a retail store?
  • Had a heavy box or another object dropped on you at the office?
  • Had an employee run into you in the parking lot?

If so, contact Corish, Hill & Associates right away. No matter how you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, you’re entitled to compensation. Our attorney will help reconcile your case as quickly as possible.

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What are some examples of premises liability cases?

What are some examples of premises liability cases?

The personal injury attorney at Corish, Hill & Associates has assisted many clients who have slipped and fallen due to a:

  • Broken staircase or sidewalk
  • Buildup of snow or ice
  • Wet or oily floor
  • Loose rug or carpet

We believe that a negligent property owner should be held responsible for your injuries. Once we have solid evidence, we’ll explain your options and recommend the next steps.

Hire our personal injury attorney to take on your premises liability case in Frederick, Maryland.